The documentary will be available from April 10 on Amazon Prime Video, Filmin, Vodafone TV, Rakuten TV and Huawei Video.

Given the current circumstances with the closure of movie theaters, SANTUARIO, the last documentary directed by Alvaro Longoria (Dos Cataluñas, Propaganda Game), starring Javier and Carlos Bardem, reaches homes around the world this Friday, 10 April, through the main local and international streaming platforms.

Produced by Morena Films and Pinguin Films, in collaboration with Greenpeace, the documentary will be available on Amazon Prime Video, Filmin, Vodafone TV, Rakuten TV and Huawei Video, as well as on pay television Movistar + # 0 (on date to be specified by throughout the month of April).



This is the story of how to create the largest marine sanctuary on earth in the Antarctic Ocean. We accompany brothers Javier and Carlos Bardem, spokespersons for the Antarctic Sanctuary campaign, in their fight to get the popular support necessary to launch this initiative. Achieving this small victory in the fight to save the environment in the last virgin area of ​​the planet is not an easy task. We will accompany our protagonists on their journey aboard the Arctic Sunrise. We will witness how science, politics and social networks combine to get almost 3 million people to support this initiative that ultimately depends only on a political decision.