By surprise, and as if inadvertently, I receive from Punta Arenas a gift from the man who knows the South Pole best, the explorer who has traveled to the Pole most times, the Chilean Alejo Contreras.

I had the pleasure and honor of meeting him and talking slowly with him on King George Island, and his experiences are recounted in my book Antarctica (Wind Editions, 2020), with some unpublished photographs of things as fantastic and unimaginable as taking an airplane to the polar plateau Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton or Mawson walked on; tear it up and bury it under the snow during a whole wintering, for several months later, dig it up and take another “jump” to the South Pole.

Alejo Contreras is pure ice-man, one of the great explorers of our time, comparable to the pioneers of the polar feat. An adorable and generous Yeti, a Chilean Viking, a lover of Nature. I invite you to read his adventures in the book Antarctica. Travel to the ecosystem of polar adventure; but above all I invite you to enjoy this photo gallery that he sends us, back from Antarctica, on board the ship Betanzos.

[By Valentín Carrera]