“The sailors of the Williams first sighted the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, the Trinidad Peninsula, on January 30, 1820, so Bransfield and Smith are considered” co-discoverers of Antarctica. What they did not know is that two days before another explorer had anticipated them: Bellingshausen “.

The popular section of laSexta, Now what I read, recommends “Antarctica” today and these are its reasons:

“Why we recommend it: The immensity of the unknown continent, of the vast polar territory, has always attracted the human being. The brave adventurers who for more than two centuries placed the South Pole as the goal of their lives left a record of their travels, unforgettable adventures that are consumed like the novels of Jules Verne, with the difference that the reader knows at all times that all those feats were real.

Valentín Carrera has managed to gather these stories in an essential volume for those interested in the matter, with numerous photographs, many of them unpublished, told with great rigor and with the skill and wisdom of those who know the terrain well. But it does not stop there, but the review of Antarctica reaches our days, to the analysis and the story of the scientists who travel there regularly, their lives and day to day in a tremendously inhospitable territory “” .

Thanks to LaSexta, Carlos Prado Pampín for his report, Ediciones del Viento, and more than a thousand readers and readers who already have the book in their hands.

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