A Coruña Book Fair 2020.

I want to express my gratitude to the readers who visited the Jardines de Méndez Núñez in A Coruña last Sunday, and stopped by the sign-in booth of the Book Fair with their copy of Antarctica: some acquaintances, but also many strangers, visitors, walkers, families with children. Knowing that the cool pages of Antarctica are taken to read in the shade or on the beach is a beautiful feeling for the author: it is the real reason for writing. Pour yourself out before prying eyes.

Thanks to the Council of A Coruña; to my magnificent editor, Eduardo Riestra, and his Ediciones del Viento; to the friends Patticonfusos and Viaxeiros da luz and their consorts or consorts, always faithful; Paco Outeiro, Toti and Amalia, the semiologist and poet Chema Paz Gago; Carlos Olmo Bosco, fellow traveler on his blog Vagamundos; to the adventure companion and intrepid journalist of laSexta, Carlos Prado Pampín y Anca, for his complicity and affection, for the unforgettable memories of our shared sailing aboard the Hespérides …

But, above all, thanks to the anonymous passers-by, coruñeses or foreigners from anywhere, always welcome, for their disciplined responsibility, looking for books with the mask and gel, two by two, respecting queues, spaces, times, showing their love to reading, his passion for books, despite so much discomfort. It is not heroic (heroic is putting out the fires in Lobios or attending the ICU of any hospital with a protective suit at 40º), but it is a magnificent message: Let’s keep reading pages of hope.