―The author will discuss his trip to the ecosystem of polar adventure with the Insular Director, José Carlos Hernández

―Friday 12, 8:30 p.m., at the Valverde Casino in El Hierro

After the pandemic storm, Ediciones del Viento travels to Meridian Island to present the book Antarctica, by the Bercian writer and journalist Valentín Carrera, who confesses to himself “trapped by confinement in El Hierro, and without any desire to leave the cave; But now is the time to support authors, publishers, and bookstores. ”
This is the first – “worldwide” – presentation of Carrera’s book, which went on sale just the day the state of alarm was declared and was, like so many others, confined to warehouses. “It was worth waiting for the pleasure of being able to present it from El Hierro to everyone,” says the author from El Tamaduste. The presentation will take place tomorrow, at 8:30 pm at the Casino de Valverde, where the author will talk with the Insular Director of the State Administration in El Hierro, José Carlos Hernández Santana, about the conquest of the poles, the emotional Antarctic, climate change and scientific expeditions.

Antarctica, published by Ediciones del Viento, is a global book: a journey in the company of the great explorers of the South Pole, shedding two hundred years of history, but also an emotional journey, a story of scientific dissemination, and an ecological plea against warming global.
After two trips to Antarctica, in 1986 and 2016, having sailed more than forty thousand kilometers, and having crossed the Drake Pass ten times, Valentín Carrera stripped the emotional story – the hidden face of the Antarctic exploit – set in the chronicle of a personal journey driven by the Optimistic Wind or Shackleton Wind.
In the 460 pages of Antarctica, Valentín Carrera reconstructs the lives on the edge of the southern Argonauts: Cook, Ross, Gerlache, Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton, Mawson, Wild or Hurley, among others, through his blogs, travel books , memoirs, scientific reports, photographs and films. The book includes numerous maps, the detailed itinerary of the XXX Spanish Scientific Expedition 2016/17, a complete bibliography of the polar feat, with special attention to the stories and memories of the great explorers; and an unusual and novel image: naked Antarctica – expressly contributed by Mathieu Morlighem, from the University of California – that represents an imaginary Antarctica without ice, the relief that underlies millions of white tons.
An exciting story, hundreds of photographs to enjoy the beauty of the White Continent, and a last image to reflect on the fate of our common home, Planet Earth.